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Help Me Name My Betta Please?

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Hey I'm new on this site. I just got a new Betta today because my other one died last week (R.I.P Rio) He likes to hide and loves his food if that helps.
*btw part of his fins are transparent if you can't see it.
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Whoops....attachments not working. Can you try again?
Oops… Sorry I'm new to this site. But hopefully these will work.

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What a gorgeous guy! :D
He looks like a Fiji to me! Or even a Fuji.......Or Zeru! That means Sky.
Here are a few other names I've found:
Papillion (butterfly)
Kaleo (The sound, the voice)
Mazin (rain clouds)
Nova (new
Sterling (Little star)
Camden (enclosed valley)
Nimbus (cloud)
Nebula(cloud, mist)

aaaaaaaand that's all I have for now!
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I'm not the greatest with names, but here are a few.

(*inserts more snow-like names*)

Like I said, I'm not the greatest with names, but there are a few suggestions.
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