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help me name the 3 girl in this video

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hey everyone started a 20 gallon sorority with 5 female bettas name 2 of im trying to take pic but there all coming out so blurry so i took a video
i know i need more plants but they like it and are fine for now

white VT with blue on the side and tail-named her aphrodite

white CT with red fins and tail-named her drita

blue VT with 2 black stripes on the sides- no name

blue VT with 1 black strupe on the sides-no name

red VT- no name

i would love some suggestions
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What about Trio Names? You know, 3 things that match together.
Like, Salt, Pepper, and Paprika? <--- Stupid Matching, I know. -_-
Or, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy? <--- Big Bang Theory. Funny Show. :)
Or even, more Mythology Goddesses. Like, Athena, Amphitrite, and Artemis?
( Amphitrite is Poseidon's Wife, right? I'm not sure... )
I think the Red one should be Artemis. Blue is more of A Calmer Person.
Artemis is a Hunter, Correct?
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