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Help me with my heater!!!

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I forgot to turn off my hydro 25watt heater in my 2.5gallon tank, and nothing really happened but now it makes a clicking noise and it doesn't hear as fast. Right now it's around 80 degrees. But before this happened it was set to the same temp and it was around 81 degrees. I'm not sure if it's broken because it seems to stay at 80 degrees atm. And what could that clicking noise be that's it's making? Please help asap!
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If I change the heat and it works and changes the water temp is it still fine to use? Cause I'm not sure if my dad will buy me another one.
I am able to return it and get another one. While I am waiting for the new heater should I take out the old one? Or keep it in? Cause it still heats it and I don't want it to get too cold because my room at night gets down to 75 degrees.
Acually, I don't think I can return it and also I turned up the heat a little bit and it worked. Also the clicking stopped. I didn't see and visibly cracking or condensation. what should I do
Thanks for the help! Also one more thing. If the heat doesn't spike in a week will it be 100% fine? Or should I keep an eye on it forever?
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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