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Help! My fish is getting eaten by bacteria!

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What medication can i use for my betta?
Got this little guy at the pet store and he showed no signs of sickness at least that i could notice. He looked good, no lacerations, ripped fins, cloudy eyes, lethargy etc. Two days after i got him, i noticed his tail had some redness and the scales where the imflamation occured were starting to lift. The part of where his dorsal fin rests on his back and touches the affected area started to look like it was starting some fin rot. This all progressed in 1 day!! Super fast! Later the same day the redness was worse and it started to bleed a little also could see some cloudy fuzzy matter in the affected area. At this point i took him out of his tank and put him on a quarantine tank with a heater some paraguard and some AQ salt. By the next morning the infection got worse and now it was showing raw flesh. He still swims but it looks bad all around (both sides of the base of his tail)
I have attached some pictures of the progression of his illness it happened super fast in a 24hr window.*
I started treating with API T.C Tetracycline (1 dose) but then read on fishlore that a ph 7.5 would render the antibiotic useless. So i was recommended macaryn2 but i couldnt find any so i got Fluran-2 and after a good water change added the first dose of fluran2. My water parameters are:
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0
Ph 7.6
High Range Ph 7.8

The tank its a 2.5G fluval spec
heated to 80°

Right now he is in a qt tank that's heated to 80°
Today is day 3 and every time i look at him he looks worse :(
But emotionally he is fine swims fine eats fine doesnt seem to be struggling. This whole thing started on Tuesday and its been three days and its progressed very fast.


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Have you been treating your water before adding it to his tank? Could it be chlorine burns? Just a guess as im not really experienced in bettas :/
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