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Hello. I have gotten a new betta fish today and I worry for him. I got him at a Petsmart where there were bigger bettas, but he caught my eye. He's really skinny, or small, and he hasn't eaten much. He seemed really active in the day, but now that it's night, he's just floating around. I don't know if he is sleeping or if he's sick. If you anything about this, please let me know.

He is also in a 1 gallon container right now because I want to see how he is before I add him to the the 5 gallon and because the 5 gallon isn't quite done cycling yet. I plan to change his water everyday while the 5 gallon finishes it's cycle.

The first photo was when I was bringing him home. The others are ones that I just took.

edit: the lighting in the 2,3,4 photos is really bad


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