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Help! New betta has "Crusty" scales

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I was shopping for supplies at a local Petsmart for my current betta, when a second beautiiful halfmoon male caught my attention. His water was CLEARLY much more neglected than any of the other bettas there, and his face was severely discolored along with cloudy eyes.

At first I thought that was just how he was because I am fairly new to bettas, (had mine for five months) but then I started doing research and it was not common.

His scales on his face to neck are white and literally look crusty. It's gross. And his lips are SUPER BIG and swollen and white. And the rest of his body is a pastel-purple-pink color. Other than his faec, a few random scales on his body are just a darker color purple.

I've had him for the past 3 weeks, and I have been treating him like this:
Frequent water changes,
He lives in a 3 1/2 gallon tank,
A treatment of PIMAFIX by API daily.

He seems to have been doing a lot better, the crust has seemed to subside and much of it is on the bottom of his tank when i clean it, but he still has a GOOD portion of the symptoms.

I am scared, I want him to be healthy and happy.
have uploaded a picture of his current state after 3 weeks of love.

Thank you so much in advance for input.


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