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From 7 years' experience in keeping bettas, I've found the Aqueon Mini Bow aquariums to be very reliable. I always liked them best because they were starter kits, which meant all-inclusive for tank, hood, light, filter, etc. and they have always been (and continue to be) very affordable.

My only problem with the Mini Bow's is that on every one I've owned (1 gal, 2.5 gal, and 3 gal) the light has ALWAYS been a problem. Usually, it's the wiring or the light fixture... something internal that would require replacing the entire light, not just the bulb. On the smaller Mini Bow's, I've also had the screws which keep the light protected and away from the water rust out, thus exposing the bulb to condensation. So, I've always removed the lighting system entirely from these tanks and had a desk lamp right by the tank - my boys have never had any problems.

Their filters have also gotten A LOT quieter... the one I have now in the 3 gal that came with the tank IS COMPLETELY SILENT, which I have never had before with any tank prior to this. It's so quiet I often have to lift the hood to make sure the water is flowing! This fits your criteria perfectly.

Just my two cents. Hope it helps!
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