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Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking for a little while.
Long story short, a tank I have will be empty soon, there's a subwassertang carpet 2-3 inches high, and a tangle of java moss 10×10×3inches. I don't know if wild bettas like moss, it I get some I'll be adding some of my red root floaters and pennywort, maybe some anacharis.
Is the moss going to bother them?
I specialize in low/no maintence tanks, even my goldfish tank never hits 5 nitrates, would this approach work on wilds? (10% wc every other week or so).
Also, I don't want to use RO, my tap is 30-40 TDS, 0 kH, 3 gH, 6.6-6.8 pH. If I get wilds, I'll do a leaf litter substrate, so that should drop it a bit more.
As for live food, I have a small colony of blackworms, I can probably feed just a few each week, I can feed flightless fruitflies, and frozen bloodworms. Also some quality pellet, but just to start them on something live. I'm also considering some small shrimp cultures for them.
Which bettas would work best with my water? I'm considering imbellis, smaragdina, falx, albimarginata, and another mouthbrooder but I forgot the name...
Thanks in advance!
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