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Help pls. cant identify if halfmoon is female or male

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recently saved a betta from a pet store. currently treating the fungus in the face.

in the meantime, can anyone confirm that this is truly a red female half moon?

its supposedly female but its making bubble nests, which is rare.

please confirm that this is a female half moon?

p.s. had to use flash to show the fish. thank you...
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Looks like a young male.
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3 different stores said female but the bubble nest is giving me doubts. will wait for a 2nd third opinion. thank you for the attention and opinion :)

male or female?
Hmmm. the body shape looks more like a male so I'm going to say (for now) a young male also.

Check under the fish on their belly between their pectoral fins, is there a white dot? if there is then that could be an egg spot which would make the fish female (however some young males have an egg spot too)
Uh oh. Is it supposed to bevery evident? Can't seem to time looking between the fins it keeps swimming
It is not very evident, but females usually have a plump stomach and the fins USUALLY arent big like that, and they just look different. He also doesnt really look like a hm.
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Not really, it looks way to small and thin. Also as vivian said, young males have a little white dot sometimes.
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yes i think (its a bit hard to see in the photos but I know it hard to get a photo of under the fish), it does look small though. its usually a bit bigger.

but like tankman said, usually females have a rounder stomach and a little bit of a fuller body.

The fish looks young either way.
may be small because the fish is still an inch big (no tails)? very young.
Ya the fish looks young. But something about it makes me think it is a male. Still if a female has a egg dot than it will have a plump stomach.
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am i feeding enough? only giving 5-6 flakes a day and it just came from a plastic 3 days ago. so it may be malnourished? i just dont trust the area it was bought from. so im not sure if it is indeed a female.
i would trust what everyone says though. if everyone agrees its a male. unfortunately.
I would change flakes to flakes and pellets. Pellets seem to be better for bettas.
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Ok will alternate the food. I also have tetrabits complete for thhe other betta. Which is a male. The red one not so sure. Not breeding just curious
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Okay, if you can get nls thera a pellets, get them! They help prevent disease and are just a great food.
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will the ovipositor be more evident as it grows old? maybe i should wait a few weeks then repost a picture?
i am sure it has no beard though. or bettas this age still dont have one lol
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