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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum. I have joined as my poor betta son has had so much trouble really since day 1. He is currently in a 4 gallon tank which we maintain at about 78-80 fahrenheit and he seems to love it. He swims around happily and eats well (about 5-6 pellets a day and perhaps the occasional dried blood worm).

Previously, over 2 months ago, Sheriff had what we believed to be fin rot. We treated him for that with Bettafix for about 2 or 3 weeks which helped but then we found fish antibiotics. Amoxicillin to be exact. We treated him for 10 days and he improved a lot.

Only about 2 or 3 weeks ago Sheriff's water was noticeably green even after weekly 50% water changes. We also try to feed him 1 pellet at a time so that there not be too much food waste. We did a whole water change and deep cleaned everything and after noticing a white fuzzy looking film on his side began a new round of antibiotics (about a week or 2 after we finished the first round).

10 days later his water is decently clear (been giving 50% water changes every time we gave him his dose of antibiotics for about 5 of the 10 days) but his skin does not look normal still! The white fuzzy film is gone but now his lips and bottom of his tummy is very white. On the top of his head and side where the white film had been previously there is lots of red discoloration and weird marks. The people at petco told me that he would probably have discoloration after he heals but this looks to me like something is wrong! Please help me figure out what is wrong with my son! We have been trying so hard to heal him for months now! He does act normal and happy currently and eats normally.


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