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hey guys :( it started with little small white color on my female betta's eyes and I started treating with fungus cure from API last week, I been following their instruction on water change and redosing medications, but today I checked and the film has covered BOTH her eyes :(!! her eyes are not poped out it's just a thin film on it.

I'm so worry! please give me any advise on what other medications that work best for you guys if this ever happened to you :(

I also change her water every 1-2 days now ever since I saw the white film thing on her eyes last week

She was in the 2.5G heavily planted tank, I first dose her medication in the same tank, but I removed her after 48 hours of medication and then put her in a one-day-aged-water (clean & dechlorinated) 1G to for the purpose of easier dosing (without plants) the temperature of the water is ~78degree
I feed her attison's betta food 2 times a day (10 pellets) every day; her appetite has not changed (is still good) :( the only thing I'm really worry about is how the film had spread and I can't stop it!

Should I continue her treatment for API fungus cure? or should I Just aquairum salt? is there other medications I can use? I'll be doing her water change again today
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