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He is a baby - and his world has just changed entirely. The puppy lost his safe space and his siblings, so we have to care about the needs. And a very important one is feeling safe.
Good thing is, at this age they learn to adopt quickly.

Taking him into the owner‘s bed would be the best advise, but is probably not what you both want.

I‘d put any kennel close enough to the bed, so that the owner can reach the puppy and it can feel a bit less lonely. If your room mate happens to have received an old blanket from the puppy‘s mom, this would be nice to add to the kennel.

Kennel close to the bed at nights also has the advantage, that one gets alerted when the puppy is showing any signs of the need to go peeing. Thus you can take it out and go to an area close by where he feels comfortable to pee. Should be the same place always in the beginning.

I know it‘s hard initially but potty training goes quicker that way.
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