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Anybody have any tips for getting an 8 week old puppy used to sleeping on his own? My roommate just picked up her first puppy on Wednesday. We're trying to get him potty-trained, of course, so he is supposed to be sleeping in his kennel. Unfortunately he is having trouble adjusting to sleeping alone and last night he was crying every hour, not because he needed to go out, but just because he couldn't handle being alone. We rent a townhome so we have neighbors on both sides, and even though I know getting up and giving him attention for crying is probably not the right thing to do, we can't just let him bark all night (plus, we need sleep).

I tried taking him straight outside to go potty and putting him straight back into the kennel, to teach him that is what happens when he cries at night. Fortunately, it is cold and snowing here so it was not something he enjoyed). Is there anything else we can be doing to help him adjust to the kennel? He has towels and a couple of chew toys inside the kennel and a blanket over the kennel, and I never turned on any lights when I took him out.
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