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Help! Yucky water

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I have gross algae/fungus stuff all through my water, growing mostly on the silicon within the tank. Does anyone know what this could be??

Also, there is a gross oily slick kind of thing over the top of both tanks? Again any suggestions?


p.s. Don't abuse me about the tanks being too small, both are 2.5 gallons.
p.p.s. the photos show the gunky stuff after being stirred or a water change.

EXTRA INFO: I use stress coat and stress zyme - could this be it??


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Did you add in any new decor? I had similar stuff like that when I added in a coffee cup. Ended up taking it out.

I've been wondering about the slimey oily looking stuff too. One of my tanks has it BAD.
Nope, I got it in my tank after having stuff sitting in there for a week or so, and it was only a plant on drift wood. I have other tanks at home which don't have it, so I was just wondering why BOTH of these new tanks got it...

It literally has covered the heater and pump, it is revolting, I HATE cleaning the tanks with all of this gunk everywhere. :-(
Also do you have a fish or betta in you tank with this gunk?? How does your fish seem to react??

He doesn't seem to mind it much. It helps his bubble nest stay put I suppose lol
Okay thank you a lot :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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