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I came home from the store only to find my Betta with a worm looking thing attached to its belly. His color is fine and he is swimming fine. What can this be?!?! :-(


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Looks to me like he is just going poop :p It's not always common to see bettas poop, but every once in a while you will catch them in the middle of it.
Lol I've never seen it like that. Quite concerned to be honest. Thank you Sathori!
To reply to your question on my profile; No, your betta is a boy, not a girl.

All bettas poop, just like every other living creature on this earth. Everyone needs to "go to the bathroom" at some point in time.
Lol, Thanks! Thought it was babies.
:lol: Nope. Bettas come from white eggs, not brown strings :p

What you have there is a male Veil Tail betta. A female veil tail betta has short fins. Only the boys have long, flowing fins.
:) that's always good to know. I've had him for 3 months now and never saw that so when I got home I was scared something was wrong with him. Thanks for the info Sathori. This type of Betta is my favorite by far.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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