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So about a week ago i put my male and female betta in to breed. I had a really big and successful batch of fry but unfortunately only around 10 or so survived. I wanted to open my tank to my male betta to recover so i figured the rest of the babies were going to die off. Side note i also keep dwarf shrimp, i.e. red cherry etc. So figuring the fry would die off i put them in with the shrimp to give them at least the slightest chance of survival. I just checked up on the tank today and all of them are doing very well. Im not sure what i should do about them though cause eventually they are going to need to eat higher nutrition food then what they have been surviving on which i dont even know what they are eating in the first place! So im not sure what to do so if someone could give me an idea that would be great thanks.

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No offence, you should have asked this question before you bred them.
1. Boil an egg until very well done. Take 1mm of the yolk and disperse in tank, near/above fry
2. Buy brineshrimp eggs and make a hatchery. It should be ready in 24 hours.

For future breeding attemps (what ever fish/animal) - do your research before you breed.

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Totally agree with Indjo, I've made breeding mistakes that make me wish I hadn't tried until I was ready. Your fry have probably been eating some form of infusoria/bacteria in the tank. I wouldn't put shrimp in there with them though.

Baby Brine Shrimp

This one is very quick and high in protein, but if you don't have any eggs, it can take days to ship. I would purchase some Brine Shrimp Eggs from Ebay or Amazon [often times they aren't sold in pet stores], and use the egg trick to feed them until then.

For a homemade hatchery, get two soda bottles [water bottles are too thin]. Cut the top off of one [where the funnel turns into the bottle], and cut the bottom off the other. Keep the cap on the one without the bottom, turn it upside down, and into the bottle without the top.

Then take a piece of rigid airline tubing and connect it to a regular airline tubing [you can also just use regular airline tubing and tape it to the side of the bottle]. Connect that to an air pump and plug it in/turn it on.

Fill the bottle 4/5 of the way with room temperature water. Put a tablespoon of table salt in it and a tiny pinch of Baking Soda to keep a stable pH. Then take a tablespoon of eggs and put it in. You will also need to put a lamp over it and keep it on for a constant 24 hours; the BBS will need constant light.

After 24 hours, turn off the air pump and wait for all of the BBS to sink. When most/all of the BBS has made it to the bottom, take a straw or turkey baster to suck them all up [from the bottom only!], then serve it to your fry. Repeat this after the feeding so you have more for the next day.

When they get bigger, you can also purchase some New Life Spectrum : Fry Starter , but try to use it in moderation. It's ridiculously hard to clean out of the tank.

Things You Need

Airline tubing

Rigid Airline Tubing

Brine Shrimp Eggs

Baking Soda

Table Salt

Measuring Spoon


Air Pump

Turkey Baster/Straw

Please research next time!
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