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So about a week ago i put my male and female betta in to breed. I had a really big and successful batch of fry but unfortunately only around 10 or so survived. I wanted to open my tank to my male betta to recover so i figured the rest of the babies were going to die off. Side note i also keep dwarf shrimp, i.e. red cherry etc. So figuring the fry would die off i put them in with the shrimp to give them at least the slightest chance of survival. I just checked up on the tank today and all of them are doing very well. Im not sure what i should do about them though cause eventually they are going to need to eat higher nutrition food then what they have been surviving on which i dont even know what they are eating in the first place! So im not sure what to do so if someone could give me an idea that would be great thanks.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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