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So I lurk around and am generally a major thread stalker, although I usually don't have anything of real intelligent value to add to a lot of threads. Even so, I figured "hey, I plan on being around for a while, why not try an intro thread?" And the accountants in my brain approved. :p I gave it a thumbs up because I like to think I'm awesome. :eek:

So hi! My name's Erin. Ares was my first betta, he's the other name in my username. I'm eighteen. Just graduated high school this past school year, and currently unemployed. I have started the process of joining the air force, but it seems my recruiter has dropped off the face of the earth or something. Because I still haven't heard back from that man about my ASVAB score from last Thursday. It's making me super paranoid!

But anyway, I'm a pretty chill person. I basically just stay at home and clean the apartment, which has become more of a full time job since my mother's most recent parenting fail has forced my sisters to temporarily move into this two bedroom apartment while I sleep on the couch and they sleep in my bedroom... But I won't be bitter about that anymore. It's pointless, there are so many better things ahead of me, why dwell on this one setback? And again, /anyway/, uhm...

I have six bettas. And an order of awesome betta stuff coming in the middle of next week for them!!! Eeeeh!!~ My other loves are writing, anything pertaining to Classical Greek culture and mythology (I was born over two thousand years too late D: ), and a surprising number of stupid kids' cartoons... (Adventure Time... Regular Show... Even Blue's Clues, on the right day...) Adult Swim... Ahaha, no more of that. Also included on this list are things like... Patrick Stump. The man is a musical genius. Fall Out Boy did him NO justice. Art. Any visual art, basically. I'm a wealth of art history knowledge, as that was what my plan was before the air force. And again, writing. I hope to finish at least half of my pet project before *hopefully* leaving in April. So yeah! Wonderful to be a part of such an awesome forum!

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Hi Erin :wave:

The air force is such an exciting career choice although writing would have been great too. I'm an avid reader and have to have at least two new books in the wings or I start to get jittery :)

Here's to your recruiter :whip: I hope you hear from him soon.
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