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Hi folks! I'm a first time in a long time betta parent. I had a couple betta in college (~15 years ago) and loved them very much. I live in a college-area where every summer during 'moving season' folks leave perfectly good furniture and appliances around for the taking. Last summer, someone left a 2.5 gallon tank, complete with food, filter, heater, leaf hammock, stress coat, and seashell/seaglass substrate. All the kit wanted was a fish! So I brought it home, did some research, set up the tank, the brought a little guy home! A sweet zippy little guy I named Hwi.

I joined the forum to ask a question about his health because he's been unwell. But this seems like a nice community here, so I look forward to being engaged and sharing fishy adventures. :)

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Hello and welcome to the Forum!

Glad, you found the community!

Have a good time here and welcome back to the hobby!

If you feel like brushing up your Betta knowledge, you can find sticky notes on top of each sub-forum. They have well researched information on all important subjects.
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