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My name is Amber, and I just bought my first betta fish last week. Mudkip was a bit of an impulse buy. I work as a Dog Trainer at my local Petco and some college kids were buying bettas for their dorm room and kept saying how ugly his face was. I kept walking by him and eventually I fell in love with him. He's pretty grumpy looking and he's shy, but he is really sweet.

I'm not a betta fish expert, hence why I'm joining this forum. haha I did enough research but the second day of owning him, I woke up and there were bubbles all over the top of his water. I thought something was wrong. So I went to work and talked to the fish specialist and he told me that means he's "happy". (Cuuute)

He's currently in the Tetra 1 Gallon LED Half Moon Betta Kit tank. We were out of 5/10 gallon tanks at the store. So eventually, I will upgrade him. He's got some live plants. He has no hiding place since I feel like it would overwhelm the tank a bit.

Any information from here on out would be super helpful! I'll read through the threads on here as well.



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