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hi :)

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Hi! I'm trying to get more involved with the world of bettas! I currently have 3.
I have Drogon, a mustard gas veiltail (lucky Walmart find!) in a 5g tank; Carl, a DTHM red/pink/blue fish in a 10g with rasboras - he's the perfect answer to people who tell me bettas are bloodthirsty; and I just brought home an unnamed little red crowntail - I usually don't go for red or crowntails but I couldn't stand thinking of him dying a horrible sick death at the Walmart I rescued him from.
I'd love to meet new betta lovers and show off my boys! I don't have any pics yet but I suspect I'll be spamming you all with them soon :)
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I look forward to the spam, welcome to the forums
Yes, I love picture spams of bettas, and welcome to a very helpful betta forum.
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