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HM Betta available for adoption.

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This thread is for a Betta I got from petsmart that is for adoption. Sadly I cannot keep him anymore. He has an amazing personality and I hope he goes to a great home. Priority shipping is 12 dollars USD. This should take 2-3 days, express shipping is 20 dollars. If you choose priority, I don't offer a guarentee of live arrival

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:/ i wish i could take him off your hands but i simply have no room... and my mom would probably kill me :/ well.... actually i have a2 gallon kritter keeper...i may ask my mom... but i don't have 20$ and i don't want to do the 12$ cause he could die... i wish i had a job! :/
Lol. I wish I had a job too. I do breed bettas, so I guess I could make a profit of if that. And you'd be suprised how hardy bettas are, express takes 2 days. Priority takes 2-3 days. They can easily survive this.
well........................................................... i have the kritter keeper, and i have a cave i could put in it until i got some real plants........ i just have no $ .... my mom is saving up for a flight to NC in july... WAIT! :D i can ask her about it for an early B-day present , especially since she will be in NC during my bday... u think she'll fall for it? lol
Lol. Hopefully, I'm looking for a good, heated, warm, cozy home for this Betta. Since you live in Oklahoma, the Betta should arrive in two days. I live in central Texas
oh cool!and heaters are only 10 $ and i may or may not get a filter, so i would say all in all i would need maybe 50$ and i can probably work with her tmro and earn some money... i would ask right now but she is asleep lol...
Hopefully you can get him. I'm hoping he can find an awesome new home.
i have 5 bettas that are healthy and big, and my mom said that she will think about it tmro, she woke up bcuz i screamed about a spider on my hand.... but she said to tell you i have 5 bettas and i 'collect' them and take good care of them, and it has been several months since one has died, and i can divide my 20gallon into 3rds... but she said maybe :D we will talk about it tmro
Hope he gets a great new home! He is super cute! <3 *wants*
my last fish to die, died of unknown causes, i have been good on taking care of my fish, my Poseidon even had 'pine cone' about a month ago and miraculously i made it go away..... some how lol.
could you mail out some of those plants with him if i buy it? lol..l
Yep. I have a short supply though. I will only be able to send you a small amount of java moss or hornwort
awh! THAT would be awesome! now she might even have a bigger yes... (pray she says yes lol) because its less plants that she would need to buy lol... but yeah she fell back asleep...
Hopefully you can get him!
PS. For shipping expenses, just send me a payment through PayPal of 12.50 (PayPal has a fee, so you have to send a bit extra) and I'll cover shipping, I will send you my PayPal information through PM once your mom says yes or no
okay... but idk what paypal is lololol...
PayPal. Is another way of sending a payment
oh okay. cool. :D she woke up to smoke and we talked about it some more, and she is saying maybe... and if im nice to her tmro, that 'maybe' will be a yes... but that means i have to do landscapeing with her at he job..
Cool! PM me if she says yes, so we can arrange a shipment, and payment
alrighty. i hope it's a yes lol...
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