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HMPK Dumbo Pair - Flaws?

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So I thought I'd post pictures of the pair I'm currently conditioning to get some seasoned eyes to critique them. That said, the pictures aren't the best - neither of them would stop moving because they figured I was there to feed them again. My goal here is some dumbo hmpks with good form and hopefully in one of my favorite colors - blue!

Male - Stormy

Flaws: He's a bit spoonheaded, but I'm hoping the female's topline would balance him out. His pectoral fins have also gotten HUGE, and I'm not sure whether this would hinder him in the spawning attempt. Lastly, I'm guessing he's a marble but I can't tell for sure - his coloration hasn't changed at all since I've had him but that's not to say it won't? Lastly, when I photographed him against the light, it almost looks like there might be some red wash, but I don't see this at all normally so I'm not sure if it's just the light. What colors could I expect if it is red wash?

Female - Rain

Flaws: More raggedy pectorals than the male, and blue color does not go full mask.

So what do you think? Is this a worthwhile pair to use for my first spawn attempt? They're both imports although not from the same breeders. They've been conditioned for about two weeks now, I can see faint breeding stripes on the female when I flare them at each other (and she's doing the S-dance) while he's building medicore bubble nests, and I've got my live cultures and BBS ready to go. Any thoughts or critiques? I've been looking at these guys so long I'm afraid I can't see their flaws as easily anymore.
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they are beautiful, but I don't know much about confromation
male's caudal is also short. should look like a seamless transition between dorsal, caudal and anal.

if you've never bred bettas before, i'd say go for it--just for experience's sake and getting your feet wet. you've chosen an attractive and in demand pair (HMPK + EE) so you shouldnt have any problems finding homes from them.
Male= spoon head, stubby first dorsal rays, short outer caudal rays, dorsal/caudal dont meet, anal too short and not pointed enough, fin edges raggy, stubby first anal rays, looks like split ventrals

Female = cant tell much since shes not flaring but nicer topline, strong body, sharper tail, still has raggy fin edges, cant tell much of the dorsal and ventrals. But she is a nice match for him formwise

Iwouldnt be surprised if you saw red wash come back in your male, in many red loss fish the red comes back..which really sucks. But you will probs get some marble ee from that pair which would be awesome.

You better make a spawn log! :-D
Amphiron and Trilobite, thank you for that breakdown! It's my hope that with more practice I'll get better at seeing these issues myself but I definitely don't have an eye for them yet.

Hopefully I get some decent fry out of them that can be worked on further, but it was my hope that HMPK EE babies would be able to find homes as pets here even if they aren't stellar offspring.

I will definitely be doing a spawn log! I'm thinking I'll get my hands wet once June rolls around. If I'm not ready by then I'll never be :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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