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HMPK girl coming in

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so last week i saw a beautiful HMPK for $27 dollars on aquabid, so we bought it. we had to pay extra for using paypal :lol: but i kinda think it is worth it, she should be coming in tomorrow, she is a green salamander female Import. am still in need of names for her.
here's pics (from the auction):

i know her dorsal is small, but am going to breed her to a wide dorsal male. but i think she is very pretty :) and it says she is nice and plumped and can be bred right away (exact words, just didn't copy and paste) here is the link:
and i asked the seller about her bloodline and this is his exact words:

"Well as far as u know she carrys the butterfly and Big ear genos if you plan on breeding those type. If you cross it with dragon scales would probably come out as fancys or butterfly fancys. Its hard to get a background check on them since my suppliers just breed and send to me. Thank you.

Samson Yang"
she should be here tomorrow, since i have school i won't be here to unpackage her, but i will do a update on all my betta's tomorrow :-D my mom is gonna be here to do all of that stuff, told her which tank and all.
and here is the female's tank:

it's a 2 or 1.5 gallon tank
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Ohhh... Pics when she arrives!!!
thanks, and will do :-D
Hmmm....Irredescence would work for a name, or opal, or pearl, just some ideas for you...
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