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Hole in Tail??

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Hi I'm new to owning bettas and this morning I noticed that my betta (Oddie) has a tear/hole in his tail! I'm really freaked thinking it something serious, I also noticed there's something on one side of his tail! I'm freaked and don't know what to do! Please help!

See in the red circle?
Then this is his home. We are getting more 8)

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Ok well I also noticed that there's something on the tail where the hole it. It's only on one side though. If you look at the picture you can see it. Mys sister is coming today so she can help. Would I have to give him aqua salt and stress coat?
Cool ok I just clean up all the stuff on the bottom of the tank. and I'll try to take a better picture sorry D8
Well I finally got hi mto stop xD everytime I tried to take a picture he swam away... fast :shock: Anyway he finally stopped

his "bubble" on his fin is leaving and he is asked fine like always. Just to be on the safe side I will tr to buy aqua salt (, decor, pebbles, etc). Is the salt avaible at Walmart (I need to pick up phone minutes there -.-)?
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Ok well the top of his tail is covering it up -.- he always does that xD and I'll ask about the pet store. But I'll have to try Walmart first. Then i need a heater and water Temp. Walmart we go!

Edit: I might get gravel at Walmart too. Should I buy a gravel vacuum also?
Accutally, the size of my tank is 2.5 gallons o.o
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