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All of my recent male bettas have been tail-biters. I've tried everything to de-stress them, everything to keep them from being bored, and nothing works. Since they ALL do it, I suspect it's a source water issue. Since I change around 20 gallons of water a week, it's just not practical for me to buy RO water to do my water changes, so I've been thinking of setting up my own unit. Has anyone done this? I don't even know where to start! About how much did it cost? What does it look like? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
i used to make industrial water filters. what you can probably do is research a bit and get bags of various minerals to filter the water through. you could get 2 5 gal buckets and in the top one cut a hole in the bottom and put a screen.

then layer your rocks and minerals and put a screen of some sort separating each layer [to make it easy for you to change].
you stack the buckets on top of eachother and then pour your water through the top bucket and get your filtered water out of the bottom bucket.

this is a very cheap but effective method.
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