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Hey all!

I keep finding glass and/or acrylic laying around the house I'm renting. I have botched a 12L acrylic build and successfully built a 10L glass tank. While I was water testing the 10L in my basement, I noticed a large piece of glass near the furnace. I decided that I'd build a betta tank with this glass. I would have built a larger tank (as I know that 2.5 gallons is recommended as the minimum volume for bettas) but this was my first time cutting glass (the 10L glass was cut by my LHS) and I lost a large portion by picking up the entire pane after etching it so half broke off and shattered on the ground. Oops! Lesson learned. The tank has passed the water test so I have begun the cycling process, which is the stage it's at in the photo. I am planning on making this a planted tank, but I don't yet know what plants I'll use. I am excited to see how my first made-from-scratch aquarium setup will go, and I'll keep you updated.

I would love to see your 2.5 gallon tanks


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