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How do they sleep?

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I've always wondered if fish slept, but if they do, How?
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They close their eyes then... oh wait.
They just sit still and have at it. They have no eyelids, so their eyes are open, which is why they need darkness at night just like we do. Bettas, while they sleep, go up for air at night too.
Yeah. It's always cute to watch Kai sleep. He likes to rest on his dragon's head sometimes moving back and forth between it. He always wakes up whenever I walk by even quietly to check on him.
I don't think they really "sleep" I think they go into a mode of rest so while they get the "sleep" necessary and can still keep a watchful eye out for predators (Or people trying to get a cute pic of a sleeping Betta...)
Kids, remember, no flash at sleeping betta photos!

Bettas sleep. My guy nestles himself in his plant, rests on the java moss, or hides in his cave at night. So adorable! Plus, my guy made a Bubble nest finally!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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