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How do you convince parents to let you get a baby betta?

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Tomorrow i'm going to petco to get some supplies for my fish. I really really want a baby betta. I have the supplies and money and since I only have one other betta because my parents think I won't take care of any more (even though i'm very responsible and have enough time to take care of another) Any suggestions on how to convince your parents?
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you can always try the "you see how good I take care of my other betta, it will be the same with the new one" thing..
Or just be honest and say: Ill buy it with my own money and take care of it without any help. They can't say no.. :D
Um, mine was sort of a throw everything in a basket and then they only realized it when we were in the car. It actually worked really well for me but I don't know your parents. I did buy it with my own money, so that probably helped. You can also guilt trip them with the poor sad little ball of eyes sitting there staring at you
Why do you want a baby betta? It's my understanding they take a good bit more finesse to keep alive and even then have a low survival rate.
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