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Wrap in a towel if you wish.. use a glass aquarium thermometer to make sure the new water going in the tank is approx what the heater is set at to get it to the correct temp quicker. When you do more 100%s you will get to the point to where they are only in their cup waiting to be floated for no longer then a few minutes.

You honestly don't need to age water as water conditioners tend to work instantly.. and you rather get the water warmer then room temp, as the water will be a few degrees cooler then the room temp... since you should have a heater with them, taking the water straight from the tap at the correct temp would be better- don't have to wait for the temp to warm up in the tank, etc. Just use a glass aquarium thermometer (or digital) to get the temp right and you're all set.

Vil has a good idea to use if plausible for you- just get the water ready before then do the change... just use the hot setting on the faucet. I would go a few degrees warmer (80-82*F) so if it does cool down, it won't be too much.
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