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Mango(female betta in 10 gallon tank) nitro(hound mutt male) nutmeg(treeing Tennessee brindle female
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Ok so I first off my mom was into bettas when I was a kid and she still is so once I moved out I got a five gallon as a gift and my mom at the time was a betta and dog breeder(stopped bettas but is still breeding dogs) so I got a fry and I’m killed it in a week(sip) sooo my mom didn’t give me any more. Some time later I was looking at my local petco for dog treats and food for my moms dogs and then I met Hokusai so ya know what I said “your coming home with me” so I grabbed him he was basically dead with the sticker ripped off at the sink with the Clove oil right next to him. the petco worker gave me a weird look and gave him to me for free. And ya know what he lived for seven years after a month of being half dead in his tank he fixed up. Then I got a ten gallon 6 or 7 ish years later and thirty minutes later I came home with…a dog XD totally unrelated to the beta thing but like it’s a puppy U-U
a n y w a y few weeks later I got my first female mango and set her up. Hokusai died a few weeks later and I honestly neglected mango for a while then I got a lecture from my mom that if I didn’t take care of her she would bring her home. So I started to care about her she is a “koi” female(she don’t look like it but I still love her) then fast forward I got another male to replace Hokusai named monsieur French fry. He had a whole new fresh hell for me he had really poor genetics he hurt his spine by jumping out of his tank it was a mess sadly he passed T-T B U T I plan on setting up a 20 and a 30 gallon eventually and getting another male for the five gallon and a female for the 20 and possibly a sorority for the 30 (maybe because holyyyy people say it’s hard)

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(it’s a weird angle so his head looks strange)

monsieur French fry
(Don’t have photos .-. He was a butterfly male)

how did you all get started in betta keeping? I would love to see all of your finned babies as well

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Well, it started out with 3 goldfish. 2/3 died. Then, someone I knew was giving her 10 gallon setup away. We were the only ones she knew that had a fish. So, we got the whole setup. Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, I went to a friends house. She had a giant betta in a fish bowl and I thought (I know, bad idea) 'Why, I have a fish bowl at home! I can get a betta and put him in there!'. So, a few months later, I came home with Saturn. Poor guy had a tough life. When he passed due to getting fin rot 3 different times, I got Neptune. He lived about 6 months with me. He also passed due to fin rot last November. Now, I have Opal and Luna. I couldn't have any sweeter bettas! Even if Opal is fin nipping. :)
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I started keeping them about seven(?) years ago. I had grown up with fish (mollies, tetras, goldfish and koi), and we had a family Betta for a decent amount of time as well.

It was after he passed, I had grown quite attached to Bettas, that we were in a store and I found my first boy. Talked them into letting me bring him home and that started me on my Betta journey which, several years later, has me keeping six. As I have acquired tanks over random through the years.

Sadly, my parents have a limit on tanks, so won't be getting anymore till I'm out of home. But!

I have many last boys so I'll just mention my current kiddos.
There's Santiago, my orange and red koi.
Inaiyau, my grey and yellow bi-colour.
Jalaluddin, my blue and white crowntail.
Cascade my white halfmoon.
Rhydian my copper koi.
And Erjon my blue and white with some green iridescence kid.

I love having so many Bettas because there's such personality range between them. It's fun to observe.
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