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How important is it to understand the mechanics of your fish tank

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    Votes: 1 2.1%
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    Votes: 23 47.9%
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I haven't voted yet, but I put myself about halfway so probably a 5 based on the criteria in post #17 .

I do spend a lot of time reading and researching and have a decent knowledge base to draw upon, but I don't actually put a lot of it into practice and am not someone that spends time obsessing over their tanks.

In actual fact, I don't even know the pH of my tanks and it's been months since I last did an ammonia test on anything but my goldfish tank.

For example to answer your question in post #17, I have algae in all my tanks. I know why I have that algae and what I could do to prevent it, but I don't, because to me that isn't important.

All of my decisions are basically based around my fish and their behaviour. If my fish are thriving that's great and I just do my weekly water change and that is it. However, if my fish are sick or obviously not doing well, that is when I start to put my aforementioned knowledge base into practice and figure out what is going wrong and how I can remedy it.

I suppose I could say that I am a lazy but somewhat knowledgeable fish keeper.
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