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I got my first 10g tank for my two boys (then 2 and 6 months, now 3 and 21 months) to be able to look at the fish knowing I would be taking care of them, but that was ok since I had fish when I was a kid. My older son helps with feeding and "helps" with water changes etc, the younger does sometimes but mostly just watches them. When I decided to breed bettas I got them involved with that too, teaching them how to feed the live food with a q-tip and dropper.
Then my older boy asked for a fish in his room so I set him up with a 1 gallon heated, planted tank that we water change every 2-3 days and HE is the one who reminds mommy that "Flash the Fish" needs to be cleaned and that Flash needs his supper. He says good night to him every night before we turn off the light. But we've had several other fish die and we've explained what happens. One good thing is that I know exactly how old Flash is cause he is one I bred myself. :)
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