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I believe I was 6 when my parents started getting me bettas -- we started with a 3 gallon critter keeper with a heater.

My parents had me ver involved with taking care of my fish. They were kept in my room by my bed. I was in charge of feeding them and checking on them every day (im sure my parents make sure I actually did this at first).

When it came to water changes - I remember that my dad had me help every time. Meaning while he helped me cup the fish. and then after he carried the tank into the bathroom, I helped him clean the gravel and the plants and put everything back.

So i think its important to get her into the routine. So basically what you are doing. Have her present for water changes. Have her feed them. Sounds like youre doing everything right.

About the fish passing on -- I know I was very very very sad when my first died (I had him for almost two years). But i also remember being like well now he's in a better place. And I asked my parents for another fish.
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