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So I've had Lancelot for a couple of weeks now and he's been doing very well. I wanted to thank you guys for being so helpful when it came to betta information. You really helped my brother's fish get over a case of fin rot and convinced me to get my own fish! Anyways, this is how he's doing so far.

So I had to leave Lancelot alone in my dorm during Spring break and had my room mate take care of him. Room mate said he was as active as a dog when it came to feeding time, since the minute he sees you pick up the canister he swims right up the surface expectantly, and pounces on his food.

My parents were also enamored with him, and of course mom had to shove a mirror into his face, and he put on the whole “COME AT ME BRO!” show flared gills and all, to my mother who was sliding her finger against the tank walls and pressing the mirror towards him.

Seriously though, I’ve never seen a fish so hyper before! He whizzes around the tank like crazy and meticulously blows bubbles everywhere, whenever he messes up his string of bubbles he gets really pissed and angrily twitches!

Sometimes, he wears himself out and curls between the blades of fake grass I gave him and sleeps, and then he’ll bolt out of position and start whizzing around again. If my room wasn’t so small and I wasn’t so low on funds, I’d get him a larger tank since I think he’d appreciate the extra swimming space. I mean hell he sure moves around A LOT.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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