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How long does the pea method take?

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How long does it take? since we do not have frozen daphnia near me (and even if edmonton did the entire thing would thaw by the time we got back) I've resorted to the pea method for the big bellied constipated Ghengis Khan :) I've tried epsom, and it worked for two itty bitty strands of poo. that's it. so 2.5 weeks later here I am, and he was fed his deshelled piece of pea yesterday morning.

Does he just get THAT amount, I don't keep giving him more? And how long does it take? I don't see size difference or poo :/ I've never done this, or had this problem. I think because he is older he cannot eat as much as the younger boys, so i need to cut down to half of what I feed the greedy bugger.
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I wouldn't feed more pea since it can clog in their system. Just wait it out now. To my understanding, peas are the best fish laxative, I don't know what you'd do if it doesn't work. They usually also work fairly quickly.
Constipated for 2.5 weeks? Poor guy that must be torture. :(
Well at least hes still happy! I wish you luck with the little guy!
Yea, red flag for sure. Some betta, CTs I find, seem to have very sensitive tummies. I'd probably feed frozen or even live food more often if you can from now on as well.
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