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How Old Is She?

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Hey Betta Lovers,

I saw my LPS is starting to sell baby female's which are marked as CT's for sale as someone brought in 250+ fry from multiple spawns and the LPS kept the "males" for raising and selling. Now these girls are dirt cheap, and I want to pick one or two up because I truly feel bad for them. Would they be ale to eat pellets/flakes/bloodworms yet? Picture below, please let me know what you think, keep in mind it is an iPhone 4 camera:

The glasses they are keeping them in are relatively small, just compare to food container behind

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Wow, she is tiny. I'm guessing 3 months?
Yes, very tiny. Are they eligible of flakes or bloodworms yet?
I would try crushing some flakes or bloodworms. When I got Circe at about that size I fed her betta micropellets (I think by Marina?)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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