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Hi. i have created a planted tank that is ten gallons, heated with a filter. the water quality is great. i dose it with fertilizer every week.
i put her in a month ago and after 2 days she was lethargic and laying on the ground. after moving her back to her 3 gal with fake plants, heater, fulter she was fine.
she wasn't eating in the big tank i think because she was confused.
how can i acclimate her to the new tank? i really want to to be in there :(
attached is the most recent pick of the tank. so sad because it has no fish!

ofther questions- i have floating plants that have tripled im size. they are covering 80% of the tank top. shpuld i take some out?

i have a plant that is dying from the bottom up? tips or advice? its the one circled.

i had some anubias glued on fo my hardscaps. afyer about a week all the leaves fell off. how do i properly glue it without damaging the important root parts? (forgot the name)

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