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I am going to be moving in a month or two, and I have to ask... what do I need to do with my two tanks. I'm thinking it won't be quite so hard to move my 10 G, just drain the water, or nearly all of it. Do I need to do anything else? keep the filter media/foam in a plastic baggie of old tank water while I do the move? It's chalk full with live plants, so I'm not worried quite so much about the cycle. Should I keep a half inch of water for the plants? or is it okay to more or less drain it dry?

My 33gal sorority is the one I am worried about. It too is full with live plants, however not quite as densely packed as my 10. It has been set up longer than the 10, and has 5 girls currently. I'm afraid I'll have to completely break it down and restart from scratch. Even leaving just the sand and plants in it, it will be extremely heavy.

If I do have to tear down, new sand, replant everything, and get it started back over, what should I do to keep the girls from stressing more than possible? I'll probably transport them in individual plastic bags wrapped in paper in one rubber maid bin I can carry myself.

My other concern is I have about 10 shrimp in their, I don't know if I'll be able to get them until it's mostly drained. I also know they are more susceptable to water fluctuations. I do have a spare 10 G, I was thinking of setting up first and getting some other fake plants and holding them in that for a few days after the move, until I can get the 33 back up and planted and running. My concern is, will I need to use the filter for this tank until I get the tank running?

The other thought is I could house the girls, temporarily at least, in the 10 once I get that up and running. And just house my boy in a smaller container for a few days. Or would this be just too hard on all of them?

I'm not worried about the pair I have in individual tanks, they can just be grumpy during the move, and are used to being out of their home for a bit. I figure Scuzi will destroy his tail during that time, that's just the brat fish he is.

Lengthy! I know. I just need advice, and help, and uh.. yea, lots.

Thanks so much. IF you need to see pictures of the tanks I can provide them.
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