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Huge bulge in female Betta! What could this be?

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Hello everyone!
Over the past couple months my female Betta developed a noticable lump on her left side overnight and ever since it's gotten worse in size where it looks like "fluid" is trapped in there and it's gotten so "stretched" out into a ball/bubble that it looks almost clear which is what it looks like currently and her scales in that area don't seem to be there anymore.
When it first started her scales on that side looked elongated on the lump and it stayed that way for about a month then that "bubble" of liquid formed apart of the existing lump but only lasted for a day then it went back to the lump itself. It's as of recent for a month now that "bubble" came back and it worse than ever.
Because of the size, she is lazier where she's either laying at the bottom or on top of leafs at the top of the tank. Throughout this all, her appetite comes and goes but is normal overall. I've had a hard time seeing her poop anything so I'm unsure of that. Her right side is normal still and even though you see this awful lump/ball from the top, she doesn't look "pine coney" which makes me think it couldn't be dropsy.
At this point it has to be swim bladder because a tumor wouldn't be growing in size with this "liquid" unless it could be that. I started her on Kanaplex in the water(eating it medically in her food didn't last bc she'd loose her appetite with her size) this month but did not help anything so now I'm giving her Metroplex because I'm so unsure what this awful thing is. I'm currently also giving her epsom baths to help poop or with the swelling for 10-15 min a day or twice a day but nothing seems to be helping.
I've also tried Betta fix when this all started. It seems as if her insides are being pushed to that side so it doesn't look like it could be removed medically. I would love some insight to see if anyone would know what this could be because I'm going nuts trying to help her. The first three pictures are her currently and the last one is the first month when I caught the lump itself. It seems it might rupture soon.
Thank you for reading this whole thing!

Meet Moon and her mystery bubble lump below!
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