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Hey, I'm just wondering, has anyone tried Hydrofloria? I've been interested in the product for a while and my birthday is coming up soon (I'm quite young and don't have money :p) so please respond!

For those who don't know, Hydrofloria is similar to the Back To The Roots Aquafarm; it's an aquaponics system. It looks nicer and more modern than the aquafarm but I just want someone to post a review, or a picture or something because I haven't seen any! (Aquaponics: fish poop > poop get broken down by bacteria into plant food > plant absorbs food > plant cleans tank by getting rid of waste and providing oxygen)

Even if no one has hear of hydrofloria ( ) can anyone reccomend a good aquafarm, for instance on amazon I've seen "aquadorables" and whatnot. Plz answer thx!!!
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