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Hypothetical Breeding Question

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I was wondering, say you get a white betta that comes from a white line and a black betta who come from a black line. What would you get from their fry color wise?
Just as an example of what I mean by the black and white bettas,

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From what I understand white is a very recessive gene and it takes a lot to get a pure white to stay pure white, often they go pink or pastel blue as blue is much more dominant. Funny thing though, as I understand it, super black is also recessive. I have not the greatest idea but I'd render a guess that around 25% would be black, 25% would be a dirty white and 50% would be a mix of blue (white comes from blue) and maybe some other stuff depending on what the parents are carrying since none is from a pure line, or is very rare to find that.

Here's a thread I found interesting, not exactly the same but similar:
Theoretically Black is recessive - F1 would yield 100% irids and black geno. But fact - royal blue x Super black = majority irids - both solid and multi, But also a good number of blacks multi (orchids and other combinations), some even looks totally black . . . .

White IMO will work similarly. Though you will get a rainbow of colors or color combinations (what lil said), including black combos, you should also get "dirty" or multi white. One thing for sure, you won't get a combination of black and white. . . I mean not like, say dalmation pattern - white body with black dots or vise versa. Or half black/white. You might get white with black edges on scales . . . like pineapples (yellow-black). For specific black-white combo, you'll need that specific mutation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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