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Memories are always better once the pain goes away. Losing a fish is never easy as is losing a friend/family in our world.

I spent almost a month nursing literally every day an old and sick African Cichlid I had in my 180g tank. Was living in luxury in a 75g tank all by herself. The day she passed, she was eating out my hand, she looked fine and was about to put her back in the tank.
She swam up to the top of the tank, had a nibble on a few flakes, slowly literally went straight down to the bottom and then just passed on.
Her character though is something that I will never forget, she gave me hours of pleasure watching her and bonding with her in her final month.

She was the first fish I got and I have never looked back on keeping Cichlids since - that was 12 years ago and about 15 different stocked tanks later!

Dont give up because you had a fish pass on, you did all you could for her. There is a fish out there with your name on it! Find it, acclimate it, make sure it is going to be happy in your tank and love it like you loved this one :)

Sorry for your loss.
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