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That little Ro passed away on Friday :( My little baby held on for so long, but when she started showing symptoms of that same disease AGAIN that day, I just had a feeling she wasn't going to last. I graduated from college on Friday and spent almost the entire day at the school, but when I got back, she was already gone (great graduation gift :< ).

I am now goldfishless, but I at least hope I gave them the best care that I could and a better home than they would have had in a tiny bowl (or on the lawn where they were going to be tossed).

Because I invested so much time and money into saving these guys, I still want to keep goldfish and the tanks I have. It was really a wonderful experience. Because my parents won't allow me to set up the 55 gallon tank I had got for Fus and Ro (and Dah), I won't be getting goldfish until I am able to move out (hopefully soon). At least now, I'll be able to properly cycle the tank before housing any fish. With that said, I am throwing out the filter cartridge I was attempting to cycle just to make sure my future tank is completely rid of this horrible disease these poor guys had.

I really want to keep Pearlscale goldies, but I'm not sure if I could even keep them alive if I couldn't keep my little comets alive </3

I would really like to thank Izzy (Koimaiden) and everyone else who really educated me on the proper care of goldfish - without you guys, they wouldn't have made it as far as they did. That thread I had has so much useful information in it - I'll be bookmarking it for future reference.

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