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I couldnt Resist Meet Dante!!

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Okay so I was at pets mart the other Day Getting Stuff for my chinchilla. I spent 10 mins in the car before that Telling Myself I didn't Need another Fish haha.. Went in got the stuff I needed and was getting ready to walk towards the Checkout when I saw Him. A Beautiful Half moon Betta With colors I had never seen before. I got half way up to the Checkout and Realized I couldn't go home without this Guy. He was Just to Handsome..
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Thank you I just think he's amazing :) Right now he's in a 1 Gallon Bowl Because that's all I had room for but I do hope to upgrade his home in the future..
As long as you have a heater and do the necessary water changes, 1 gallon is a great temporary home. :) He is very handsome!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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