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I guess I'm just a nervous new fish mommy.

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He's adorable though. And so quirky. His favorite thing to do is swim into the tightest corner he can possibly fit in. I'm so glad I brought him home. I still frantically check him every ten minutes!! Was the first week nerve wracking for you with your new babies?
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Oh yes. The first week I had my late boy Akira I was checking on him every ten minutes and refused to sit anywhere else with my computer except near his tank. Same with Lelouch.
yeah i sit right next to him lol. then he hides for awhile and i get up and look for him, then he'll peek at me or hide more.
gosh it's crazy how much i love this fish! <3 he's only been home since saturday. but seriously...i can tell i will probably want more...but at the same time i want to spoil him :)
The addiction comes on quickly just wait he'll come out of his shell soon and once he starts doing little wiggle dances for food the addiction will be there..Permanantly. I'm waiting until it warms up a bit before getting another betta.
I got my first betta just a couple of weeks ago and yes -- I did exactly the same thing, checking him every 5 mins, and still panic over every little thing, lol.

Sid has charmed my entire household, even the people who aren't into fish. :)
we got our fish the same day (last saturday), i got 2 females and 1 male and ive been checking on them every ten minutes also, i just put the male in a 12 gallon and he absolutely loves hanging out under the filter where the water is falling its his fav corner. i cant wait to get another tank for my girls to either have divided tank or a sorority. and i cant wait to get my fish some real plants
everyday i'm more tempted to just get a ten gallon, divide, and work on a second betta, then also get a third as a rescue from the pet store. I think i'm already addicted! Right now he's swimming on the side of his tank near the lava lamp. He looks like he's asking "Why isn't the lamp on!"
Oh yes! haha I was so paranoid that maybe the tank tipped over, or the heater over heated or the filter would break.........I was quite the worrier! But it gets better:) hahaha soon you will realize that you don't need to check on your lil guy all the time.
okay :3 he's just so fun to watch too. And now he sees that the lava lamp is on. He wants those bubbles to start moving!! sometimes i want to just hug him. But yeah i know you really can't lol
I'm the same way. I check my fish all the time. I worry every morning, will he be belly up? But I've had him for 2 months and I'm starting to relax. I know I'm taking care of him and he's happy :)
So sometimes I turn his filter off. Now, when its off, and his light is off, he swims around investigating the glass. When its off and his light is on, he swims around alarmed, and flares. It's beautiful, but i'm worried it stresses him out. When the light is off and his filter is ON, he swims around leisurely. I'm not sure what to do. He just has a 1 gallon, but i want to make sure he's the most comfortable where he is right now.
he seems more calm with the filter on but idk if its the best thing to have in there @[email protected] i know it wont create a true cycle and i still need to do 50% and 100% water changes a couple times a week. it just worries me since the surface is 90% bubbly.
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