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I have searched and searched...

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For another thread that may contain anything pertaining to what I am seeing with Jack-O.

I am very new to being a Betta family. I have had Goldfish (never again). I have dogs, I am a dog person and I can't kill a dog. Fish on the other hand, they baffle me beyond my understanding. They are gorgeous, all of them. But jeez I seem to get a sick one everytime, then again it may be something I am doing.

I have no idea if the fish is getting enough food. I rarely see him eat. He swims around ok. However today, I freaked a bit. He was swimming and then out of the blue he looked like he was struggling. I continued to watch him, next thing I know he is going tail over head, doing it about 2 times. There are times he will just be still and then start turning vertically. It's bizarre. To me it is, because I have never seen a fish do what looked like flips :shock: I have had a goldfish with swim bladder, that is interesting.

The guy at Petco was going over all my concerns about the Betta. He reassured me that the fish would be ok. I questioned him about running a filter, he said it would be fine. I ran it for about 3 hours and that's when Jack-O started doing flips. I turned it off thinking maybe he was getting tired.

Am I doing the right thing? I am just so confused about fish ownership. I would love to be able to maintain a fish's life. I had a salt tank in high school, but those are really different in my mind.

Has anyone else encountered a situation like that with their betta doing flips? Am I overthinking the whole fish ownership thing? It's not like I can tell really if the fish is struggling or hurting. :cry:

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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The filter is pretty low, so I think. It's a Aqueon 2.5 gallon mini bow.

I would love to see the one you have with a sponge.

Thank you so much for the idea.
I have two of the Mini Bows and honestly I think the filter is too strong. I've attached a photo of what the sponge baffle looks like on my mini bow filters so you get an idea.

Ignore the big sponge on the top of the filter. I'm in the process of switching the filter cartridges from the carbon ones to just a simple sponge.

But you can see the smaller, thinner spong one the output.


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I have a 2.5 gallon minibow. The filter output really is too strong. I got some foam and wrapped it around the intake and rubber banded some over the outflow as well. My poor betta was much happier when I did that! :)
Depends on the Betta tho, they each have different personalities. My Betta Nova, love fighting against the current from the filter. he goes up there and tried to swim against it for a bit, rests a little somewhere else, then goes back up to fight the current. its nice to watch. Hes been doing that for a month+ now and continues to do so. This is a 10 gallon tank tho, so he has spots to go and rest when he needs to.
I agree that it does depend on the betta. I have found with the mini bows though that the current does tend to be a bit strong and since the tank is quite small (the filter takes up 1/3 of the surface of the tank) that there isn't a place for my bettas to rest.

My girl does the same thing with the current of her filter. She'll position herself right in front of it and feel the current on her. it is quite adorable.
If the betta is only doing the flips and acting strange when the filter is on it probably is an issue with the current. My betta likes having some current and lets the bubble wall float him at times and swims near my baffled filter, but he also has places with very little current where he can rest and hang out when he's not in the mood for the current. I would try a baffle on the filter and see how he does first.
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