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Hi, im back (somewhat)

After my first attempt at Betta keeping didnt end so well, but have learned a lot since then, and now i've had a success with my Oscar, which i've had for over a year now i wanted to try again with a Betta.
I bought my sister in law a gorgeous Halfmoon pair and i realised how much i miss them, i got my eye on a black Crowntail, and i got a filter for the tank in with the oscar cycling (can i use the oscars substrate for the Betta tank?) for months now so theres not really much stopping me from marching down to the aquarium shop and claiming my new baby.

but question is, the smaller the fish the younger it is? theres two there and ones smaller then the other which looks fully grown and quite beautiful, but i was thinking the smaller one as it may be younger and i can watch it grow a bit more :)

My brother said if he can get the halfmoons to breed i can have free halfmoons haha!

Also thinking of a female sorority in the works :D
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