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Its hard to tell by the pic if that is Lymphocystis or not....does it look somewhat like a cluster or like cauliflower...anyway....even if it is.... Not a lot can be done since its a virus, however, it is usually not fatal unless it impedes on daily living-like on the mouth, gills etc....or hinder swimming.....since its on the edge of a fin it shouldn't cause any problems and since he is housed alone I would leave him in the 5gal and keep up with the water changes, good nutrition like you are already doing-monitoring the area in question for changes...

In a 5gal filtered tank, without live plants housing a single Betta-50+% weekly with vacuum in all areas that can be reached without moving anything to maintain water quality.
Filter media need a swish/rinse in the bucket of old tank water a couple of times a month to maintain good water flow.

If it mass falls off-I would do a deep vacuum and add a couple of extra water only changes for a week or so-watch for secondary infection at the site and treat if needed.

Since the nitrifying bacteria responsible for the nitrogen cycle are sticky and adhere to all the surface areas in the tank, on the walls, decorations, plants, in the top layer of the substrate and in the filter media...Very little are in the water column itself and making water only water changes will not hurt the nitrogen cycle....
You can take all the water out as often as you want (not recommended) and not hurt the cycle, however, if you do that and scrub the wall, change the filter media, vacuum too frequently that can hurt the cycle or if you drain the tank and allow the bacteria to dehydrate...expect ammonia spike or even a full on crash.....but water only changes are fine......

Aquarium salt (sodium chloride) with this species of fish-
It not recommended to use of aquarium salt long term-it can cause long term issue-namely kidney damage and resistant issue...

It is a great product to use for treatment when used for the right reason, dosage and duration.
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