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What do you think about my setup/ideas?

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Hi! I have been thinking about getting 1 or more Baby Bettas from Petco.

I would like to get 2, & see how they coexist, to prepare me for breeding.

I have 3 tanks, a 1 gal corner, a 3 gal tall, & a 1.5 gal. I would put them in the 3, & keep the water level lower so they can breathe. I have an air bump & the 3 has built in airline tubing that runs to the bottom of the tank & then bubbles, & plenty of silk plants.

If I did get 2, should I quarantine them before putting them together?
If I need to, I might have 1 be in the tank, & 1 in a cup floating in the tank, & alternate them each day & night. What do you think? I am really excited, I hope this would work.

Would artificial (silk) plants be okay?
I might buy a marimo ball if someone has them for sale at a low price & good quality.... ;)
(the marimos at Petco are $9 apiece. :neutral: )

Please respond!!!
Thanks! :)
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